55th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry 2019 in Rostock


Directly by Plane

You might consider a direct flight-connection to the Regional Airport Rostock-Laage. However, currently there are a only a few daily connections to Munich and Stuttgart.

By Plane and By Train

If you can't take a direct flight to Rostock-Laage, we recommend flying either via Hamburg or Berlin. The connection via Hamburg is a little bit faster and less complex.

Please consider using the Web-Page of the Deutsche Bahn for planning your trip . You can also use it to purchase an online ticket, which you can print and take with you or keep as a PDF on your mobile (smart)-phone. Please avoid the cheap-fare option (called "Sparpreis"). In this case the ticket is valid ONLY for the one particular train-connection specified on the ticket. A "normal" ticket allows you to use any train-connection from your starting point to your destination during a 24 hour window (e.g. in case your plane is late).

By Car

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